The 13-Step Path to Becoming a Better Survivalist


Working toward any goal can be a difficult process, but if you’re not sure where to start or what to do to make your goal happen, accomplishing that goal becomes infinitely harder. For those of us who wouldn’t call ourselves experts within the realm of survival, but who really are serious about wanting to grow… Read More

Ontario RAT-1 Jeff Randall Folding EDC Knife Review


The Ontario RAT-1 is probably the most famous “budget” folder that consistently gets recommended on the forums. I’ve always shied away from purchasing it in the past due to my (somewhat extreme) disdain for its aesthetics, but in January this year, I bit the bullet, deciding I needed to see for myself what all the fuss over… Read More

Knife Drop: Behind the Scenes of Knife Reviews


Just a few shots I took while we were doing up the pictures for the Kershaw Blur, Ontario Rat-1, Kershaw Leek, and CRKT M16 reviews. Knives Featured 1. Kershaw Blur Assisted Open Knife 2. Ontario RAT 1 Folding EDC Knife – Review. 3. Kershaw Leek Slim Assisted Flipper Knife – Review. 4. CRKT M-16 Small EDC… Read More

List of Knives Used on the Gotham TV Series


We’re o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with the Fox TV series by DC Comics, Gotham, in this household. Thomas and I both concur – it’s definitely one of our top 3 favourite TV shows of all time (and dare I say, almost on level with Game of Thrones?). While watching more recent episodes of Gotham, it’s felt like knives have been popping… Read More

CRKT James Williams TPENWK Tactical Pen Review


The CRKT Tactical Pen by James Williams is both my first tactical pen and the first tactical pen I’ve reviewed. I am a huge stationery fiend, with a particular love for Extra Fine Japanese nibs, so I used to shy away from what I perceived as writing instrument gimmicks, but since their popularity has yet to… Read More