Spyderco Bug SS Tiny Folding EDC Keychain Knife Review


When the Spyderco Bug was announced I admittedly scoffed at the idea of a sub 3 inch (total length!) folder. What on earth could anyone do with a 1.27 inch blade? And yet, this tiny knife kept popping up in other people’s pocket dumps and EDC showcases… So here I am – reviewing something I originally… Read More

More Than Just Surviving’s Year 2 Anniversary – Second Year Highlights


It’s been a whirlwind of a second year here at More Than Just Surviving. I feel like things were still pretty quiet back when I published last year’s first anniversary post – a lot has changed since then, for sure! I’m really excited about the direction More Than Just Surviving has taken this past year.… Read More

Knife Drop: Best EDC Knives Image Outtakes


There were so many nice image outtakes from our best everyday carry knife article that I thought I’d post them separately as the knife drop for this month. And now for the epic-long list of knives used in these images… (Apologies in advance for any visual impairment this may cause!) Knives Featured 1. Spyderco Tenacious Folding… Read More

A Massive List of the Best Everyday Carry Knives on the Market


If you got here by typing something like “best EDC knife” into Google, you probably already have a little history with knives. Likely, you already have at least some indication of what you do and do not like in a knife, owning at least a few yourself already. But chances are, you are also looking to… Read More