March 2015 EDC Purse Dump


1. ESEE Candiru (Black Version) Fixed Blade Knife + Orange Scales 2. Inova XP LED Flashlight 3. Orange G-10 Nuko Tools NukoHead Punchring – Similar. 4. Gerber Dime Mini Multitool FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

The Complete Guide to Paracord


I’ve noticed that when Elise goes online shopping for paracord, she really isn’t ever quite sure what she’s looking for. She typically has colour preferences and has a particular function in mind (to make a paracord wrap for her new ESEE knife, for instance), but at the end of the day, she still has no idea… Read More

Cold Steel Kudu 20K Ring Lock Folding Knife Review


The Cold Steel Kudu is a modern interpretation of the Okapi knife designed manufactured in Germany for the colonial market. The original was produced in 1902, and the target demographic needed an inexpensive everyday pocket knife for all the tasks one might encounter in the African brush. Did Cold Steel do the classic justice? It’s… Read More

Knife Drop: Cold Steel Collection Beginnings


We’ve been purchasing a lot of Cold Steels recently. Truth be told, we should’ve been working on our Cold Steel collection for some time now, but I feel like we usually obsess over one brand for a while, then once we’ve gotten a good chunk of the knives we want from that brand, we finally begin… Read More

Condor Bushlore Fixed Blade Bushcraft Knife Review


The Condor Bushlore is one of the most popular fixed blade survival/bushcraft knives on the market, and after owning it for about 6 months or so, I have to admit, I really do understand why. Before I get into the nitty gritty of the specifics of this knife, I preemptively want to state that the… Read More