10 Tips for Staying Prepared While You Move

It can be hard to to stay prepared when you’re in the middle of a move. We should know: in the past 3 years, we’ve moved houses a total of 3 times, and we’re currently nearing the end of one more move. Needless to say, staying prepared while moving has been a big part of our lives. It can be pretty frustrating, especially when the moving process takes longer than just a few days.

Below are 10 tips we’ve compiled that we find help us stay prepared before, during, and after a move. If you have any more that you’ve found helped you, let us know in the comments. We could definitely use them!

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Before You Move

1. Plan early.

Have a freezer jammed full of food? Need to dwindle down that stockpile of jars and canned goods? Once you know you’re going to move, start planning ahead for your move by using up resources you won’t want to take with you: because barbecuing all that meat the day before the moving truck arrives is probably not going to work out so well.

2. Inform neighbours and relatives.

Letting other people know about your move in advance is especially helpful when you think you might need help moving, or when you have plenty of items to give away.

3. Change your mailing address, or go fully paperless.

Don’t trust that the people who will be living in your home after you will be kind enough to save you your mail – chances are, if they get anything from a name they don’t recognize, they’re going to throw it out. So save yourself the headache and change your address as soon as you have the new place, especially for bills and bank statements. Or, do one better and switch to digital: that way if you ever have to move again, you won’t have to worry about your mail getting sent to the wrong address.

4. If you decide to use professional movers, double check to make sure they’re insured.

If your movers aren’t insured for accidental damage to your items and property damage from moving furniture, you may find yourself with a hefty bill at the end of your move. Save yourself the cost upfront by making sure your movers have insurance. If you can’t afford to go with an insured mover, it’s probably not wise to deal with the potential costs. Rent a truck and do the moving yourself.

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While You’re Moving

5. Using your car to move? Keep an emergency bag in it.

On top of some easy-to-eat power bars and water, it’s always a good idea to keep an extra pair of scissors, moving tape, a pocket knife, some extra bags/boxes and maybe even a blanket or some bubble wrap on you just in case.

6. Keep resources at both locations until you’ve fully moved into the second one.

Of course this isn’t much of a problem if you’re moving all in one day, but if your moves are anything like ours, it could take days or even weeks to be completely done. Do yourself a favour and leave some easy-to-make meals at both locations: sandwich bread and spreads should suffice. Keep extra bags, duct tape, and other similar resources at both locations as well.

7. Make sure you always have your tools on you.

You never know when you’re going to need that screw driver, and you definitely don’t want to be left without it when you really need it. Save yourself the trouble of rummaging through your moving boxes to look for your tool kit: keep all your tools unpacked and in a specific spot for an easier time moving.

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After You’ve Moved

8. Double check to make sure you’ve left nothing behind.

If you’ve been living in a furnished rental apartment or home, make sure you don’t take anything that doesn’t belong to you. Do a full sweep around your old place to make sure you’ve taken everything you want, and if you have left something behind, make sure it’s because you meant to leave it.

9. Change the locks on your new home.

This one’s pretty self-evident. Changing your locks is a great idea if you have even a remote worry about your safety or the security of your personal possessions. Please note, if you aren’t the landlord at your new place, you’ll definitely want to ask permission before doing this. Your landlord will likely want a copy of the new key if you do end up changing the locks on your new home.

10. Do a quick security perimeter check of your new home.

Make sure the windows lock properly, doors to the outside are strong and sturdy, and that there aren’t any blatant security issues that need quick fixing. If you spot any problem areas, take steps to remedy these security issues for your own safety.

April 2014 EDC Pocket Dump

everyday carry pocket dump

1. Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipe
2. Catacomb Customs Cocobolo Kubotan
3. Moleskine Classic Pocket Soft Cover – Day planner version.
4. Pentel Graph Gear 1000 0.3mm Lead Automatic Drafting Pencil
5. CRKT Minimalist Neck Knife

Spyderco Delica 5 With No Spydie Hole – April Fools

Yes, as many of you have already figured out for yourselves, yesterday’s post was an April Fools Day joke. Spyderco isn’t going to be replacing their ever-so-loved spydie hole with a thumb stud, not even on one knife.

For those of you who bought our little trick, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We managed to convince a surprisingly large percentage of you – many more than we expected at least! ;) I’ll just pretend it was my epic photoshop skills that managed to dupe you all.

For those of you curious about the photoshopping…

spyderco delica 5 april fools day jokesurvival blog april foolsmore than just surviving april fools delica 5no spydie hole delica5spyderco thumbstud delica 5

Announcing Spyderco’s Delica 5: Now With Thumb Stud

We’ve been itching to share this exciting news with you for a little over a month now. Spyderco sent us one of these babies a while back, but we had our hands tied and couldn’t release the news (or photos!) until today. Without further ado, here’s what the new Delica 5′s are going to be looking like…

new spyderco with thumb stud delica 5

Gotta say, in the short time I’ve had this knife I haven’t quite been able to put it down. Definitely an excellent EDC, though of course I also loved the Delica 4, so I’m a little biased. The particular Delica 5 Spyderco sent me will be released as a sprint run: super blue (plain blade) with grey FRN handles.

Differences between the Delica 4 and the Delica 5:

  • Leaner blade profile
  • More aggressive slicer (a result of the super-lean blade)
  • Thumb stud (obviously)
  • New mold for the FRN scales – can’t notice any visual differences (besides the model number of course), but definitely feels a touch lighter

Not quite sure why Spyderco went with a thumb stud this time, but I have to admit it’s looking good!

new spyderco delica 5 replaced spydie hole

Anyway, that’s about all! We’ll be putting out a review of the Delica 5 sometime this month. Keep an eye out if you’re interested.

CRKT Surf N’ Turf Folding Fillet Knife Review

In an attempt for full disclosure, I’d like to note from the start of this review that although I do have quite a lot of experience with knives, I actually have relatively little experience filleting fish by comparison. Thus, my thoughts on the CRKT Surf N’ Turf are relatively amateurish in the realm of fish filleting, though I will also be talking a lot about the general strengths and weaknesses of the Surf N’ Turf as a knife, which I know much more about. With that said, on to the review!

folding fillet knifeColumbia River Knife & Tool Surf N’ Turf Folding Fillet Knife – Amazon

Lets start with the obvious. This knife is gigantic. It’s got a 12.7 cm (5 inch) long blade, and although it’s relatively light for it’s enormous size, this doesn’t at all take away from just how huge the knife is. In case the picture isn’t enough of a suggestion, you really need to hold this knife to understand the true scale of its 5 inch blade, especially considering it’s a folding knife. All that being said, its ridiculously exaggerated proportions don’t stop the knife from looking and feeling good. This knife is comfortable as any.

The thumb stud placement does not interfere with the sharpened section of the blade, which allows you to take it to a zero grind should you wish. The ability to sharpen your knife to any angle you wish without thumb studs getting in the way should be an industry standard, so great job on this move, CRKT.

folding filleting knife review

The knife handle tapers aggressively towards the bottom of the knife, so the pocket clip is tip down only: not a big deal since this knife was obviously never intended for everyday carry use.

surf n turf crkt review

The fit and finish is surprisingly good taking into account its purpose as a tool and its low price point. Everything on the knife is flush and fits solidly.

crkt folding fillet knife review

Honestly, no one could ever mistake this knife for anything but a nice folding filleting knife: it rings in super thin with a 1.5 mm width, has a 5Cr13MoV blade that tapers down to a needlepoint, and has a generous amount of flex. As a reference point, the excellent Marttiini’s fish filleting knife has a similar amount of flex in its blade.

crkt folding fillet large knife

The liner lock came with an early lock up and needed a few flicks to wear in safely. I’ve of course gotten those flicks in, and so engagement is now rock solid.

lock on folding fillet knife surf n turf

As well as a liner lock, CRKT included their auto-lawks system, a secondary lock that stops the liner lock from disengaging until you pull down the red tab on the spine of the knife. Extra safety precaution; can’t go wrong there.

columbia river knife and tool surf n turf folder

filleting knife folder edc

In my opinion, the most disappointing aspects of CRKT’s Surf N’ Turf are the cheap scales. Cast plastic may look fine from a distance, and I have to admit it looks great in the pictures, but in hand it just doesn’t feel right, and you can see how they manage to offer this knife for only 30 bucks. Thankfully, CRKT is pretty attached to using screws, thus making it easy to just remove these handles in case you’d like to attach some nice wooden scales instead. Replacing the handles should therefore be pretty trivial to accomplish.

folding fillet knife review crkt

surf n turf folding fillet knife

In terms of its weight, though relatively it is light for its size, it’s still a monster of a knife at a solid 155 grams (5.5 ounces). Again, this may not sound like a lot for a knife with a 5 inch blade, but in my opinion it’s just too much to EDC. I would keep it in a pack or tackle box, probably never in my pocket.

That being said the clip functions perfectly, and if I do say so myself, it looks rather good.

fish fillet knife fisherman surf n turf

folding fish filleting knife review

The full flat grind is lean and exclusively conceived to fillet and slice, as should be evident by now. Do not pry with this knife, it will flex and then snap. Very. Bad. Idea. And not what it’s meant for in the least.

folding fish fillet knife crkt

folding fish fillet knife surf n turf

The balance point on the CRKT Surf N’ Turf is neutral: light in the hand, and should not be tiring to use for extended periods of time.

fish folding filleting knife crkt

As mentioned previously, the fit and finish was damn good. Everything is centered and pretty much perfect.

columbia river knife and tool folding fillet knife

crkt knife review folding fillet knife

The thumb stud works works fine for deployment. I will always prefer the Spyderhole or flippers but as far as thumb studs go, this one is well implemented.

Should both locks fail (honestly, I don’t want to know what you’d have to be doing with this knife to get both locks to fail), you might not lose any digits as there is a very slight choil of sorts. Don’t count on it though.

testing use folding fillet knife

edc folding fillet knife pocket

Choking up on the CRKT Surf N’ Turf is very comfortable, though since I’m not all that experienced in filleting, I really don’t know if you’d ever need to do this with the knife. Just throwing it out there in case anyone wanted to know.

surf n turf folder fillet knife

When holding the grip neutrally you can truly get a good scale for how massive this knife is.

edc folding fish filleting knife

And of course, I just couldn’t resist giving it a shot in reverse grip either. It’s comfy’ish – not advisable as a tactical knife but hell, it would certainly work.

fishing fillet knife crkt surf n turf

surf n turf folding fillet knife review

CRKT’s Surf N’ Turf is only $30. This should be emphasized before I start any sort of conclusion because the price is just mind boggling taking into account the utility, size, as well as the fit and finish of the knife. Yes, the scales are a bit cheap and the steel could of course be better, but for the price and its intended purpose, the Surf N’ Turf is a steal.

It’s double locking system makes it highly unlikely to disengage without you purposefully intending it to, so as far as safety goes, although the blade is massive, CRKT’s got you covered. Although it can technically fit in pocket, it’s probably better to carry in a bag, as it’s still a little hefty for a relatively light-for-its-size knife.

Finally, although there is one lonely little three-star review on Amazon claiming that the lock on this knife doesn’t work, it’s apparent that the individual who wrote that review doesn’t have much experience in terms of knives in general. I said it earlier, and I’ll say it again: the liner lock on this knife comes with an early lock up which needs to be broken in before you’re able to use it safely. After flicking it open and closing it a number of times, the engagement becomes rock solid and that “issue” with the lock “not working” will disappear.

So if you’re looking for an excellent folding fillet knife, cheap in price and high in quality, chances are you’ve got exactly what you need in the Surf N’ Turf.

View Price of CRKT Kommer Surf N’ Turf Folding Fillet Knife on Amazon