April 2015 EDC Purse Dump


1. Samsung Tab Pro 10.1 Inch White + Poetic Case 2. Kershaw Chill EDC Flipper Knife – Review. 3. G-10 Single Nuko Tools Punchring 4. Google Nexus 4 Phone FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

You Can’t Prep to Survive Everything


It’s impossible. There are some natural disasters and national/international crises that you are never going to be prepared enough to get through. If specific events take place, no matter how much prepping you do, you still won’t be able to survive. Giant meteor crashes into the earth? It’s game over. You can’t prep to save yourself from that.… Read More

Kershaw Chill 3410 Slim Flipper EDC Knife Review


As far as I know, the Kershaw Chill is one of the most inexpensive flippers currently produced by Kershaw. I threw it into my Amazon shopping cart as an “add-on” item to make it to the free shipping limit, and to be straight with you, I didn’t really expect much from it considering its price point. Once… Read More

Knife Drop: Thomas’ Favourite Outdoor Knives


Not too long ago, when we did a knife drop that featured Thomas’ top 5 current favourite knives, we were asked why no outdoor knives were included as part of that particular feature. I had actually intended the post to be dedicated to Thomas’ favourite EDC knives, but I didn’t make note of that in any… Read More

Which Booze is Best for a Prepper Stockpile?


Prepping for both short and long-term emergencies is important. When the electricity goes out, there’s flooding, or there’s a natural disaster, you’re really going to want to have been prepared. But you’ll also want to be prepared in the case of a long-term crisis: like in the case of large-scale social and/or economic collapse. When… Read More