The Best Survival Games


While you shouldn’t trust any of these games, no matter how realistic, to replace any sort of real-world survival training, playing these games is an awesome way to unwind from a long day while still keeping you thinking about survival. These games may even introduce some new ideas or methods of survival to you in the process!… Read More

February 2015 EDC Purse Dump


1. Little Green Alien Toy – Avery (our cat)’s current favourite toy. 2. Spyderco Sage 1 Folding Knife – Review. 3. Paper Mate Flexgrip Ultra Ballpoint Pen 4. G-10 Single Nuko Tools Punchring 5. Yellow Post-it Notes FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

Think You Can’t Afford to Prep? You Probably Can’t Afford Not To


There’s something very worrying about the current state of financial affairs, both within America and internationally (such as up here in Canada). I’m talking primarily about the economic bubble we seem to be in, the attitude that individuals have toward money, and the fact that this way of spending without saving has got to be… Read More

Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Knife Sharpener Review


This is my first knife sharpening system review and it’s been a long time coming. I’ve discussed sharpening knives many times in the past, and seeing the interest, it seems only natural for me to progress to reviewing the actual tools used. The Smith’s PP1 sharpener is probably the most inexpensive sharpening option besides the reverse of… Read More

Knives Used on the TV Show Dexter


Figuring out which knives and gear have been featured on TV shows seems to be becoming something of a running theme on this blog. We’ve gone through Dual Survival’s knives, Naked and Afraid’s gear, and now we’re on to the knives used in Showtime’s Dexter, specifically those knives in Dexter’s kill bag. For the first three seasons of… Read More